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  • BOOKING | Speakeasy Tattoo

    Current resident artists Each artist that uses the Speakeasy Tattoo Collective space operates independently in terms of scheduling, pricing, and how they operate their business. Please reach out to the individual artist(s) of your choice with any questions, concerns, or booking requests. Cydney Bergdorf @cydneytattoos Booking Springdale, AR Roller Booking Springdale, AR Allison Henry @allison.4888 Booking Springdale, AR Alex Romo @ar.tattooer Booking Bentonville, AR Lesley Loyola Booking Bentonville, AR

  • CONTACT | Speakeasy Tattoo Lounge | Springdale, Arkansas

    لنتحدث يرجى القراءة : بسبب Covid ، وتحديد عدد المرات وعدد الجثث في المتجر ، ليس لدينا رقم هاتف متجر في هذا الوقت. من أجل سلامة مجتمعنا ، نحن لا نأخذ زيارات في الوقت الحالي. إذا كنت تريد موعدًا ، يرجى الاتصال بالفنان تود الحجز مع. إذا كنت لا تعرف من يمكنك الحجز معه ، فيرجى مراجعة صفحة الفريق وإلقاء نظرة على أعمالهم الفنية للمساعدة في اتخاذ قرارك. يمكنك الاتصال بالفنان (الفنانين) الذي يناسب نمط الوشم الذي تريده للحصول على عروض أسعار. لن تحصل على رد من هذه الصفحة على الرسائل التي تطلب أسعارًا أو موعدًا أو استشارة . يدير كل فنان جداول أعماله وأسعاره ، ويذهب هذا البريد الإلكتروني إلى مسؤول لا يمكنه الإجابة على أسئلة الجدولة أو التسعير. ومع ذلك ، يسعدنا الرد على أي أسئلة أخرى. إذا كان لديك أي أسئلة أخرى أو استفسارات خاصة ، فنحن نرحب بك للاتصال بفنان مباشرة أو ملء هذا النموذج. نحن موجودون في 2257 طريق الأسلاك القديمة جناح 5 سبرينجدال ، أركانساس 72764 أدخل أسمك أدخل بريدك الإلكتروني أدخل هاتفك أدخل رسالتك إرسال شكرا للتقديم!

  • Cydney Consultation | Speakeasy Tattoo Lounge | Springdale, Arkansas

    سيدني استمارة الاستشارة Looking for Ashley Roller Tattoos? Click Here -BOOKS ARE OPEN- ​ Please review my style on instagram and make sure that you want my interpretation of what you want. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ FILL OUT CYDNEY'S BOOKING REQUEST FORM

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  • LOCATIONS | Speakeasy Tattoo

    Our LOCATIONS We know how hard it can be to find a tattoo shop that feels like home, so we make it easy. We are ready to get started on your next project! Springdale, Arkansas 2257 Old Wire Road Suite 6 Springdale, Arkansas 72764 BENTONVILLE, ARKANSAS 234 SW 7th St Suite 106 Bentonville, Arkansas

  • WALK-INS | Speakeasy Tattoo

    Walk INs ​ We will announce on Instagram when we are taking walk-ins. ​ Follow us on Instagram for announcements ​ Please know that when you come in for a walk-in tattoo, you will most likely have a wait time. Sometimes this can be a long time, as tattoos take a while to draw, prepare, and perform. ​ If you don't like to wait, please feel welcome to make an appointm ent. ​ Additionally, some designs are not always suitable for walk-ins. These can include but are not limited to very large designs, designs that need lots of time to design, and difficult locations. The artist may offer to set up an appointment with you at a later date so they can have more time to prepare. ​ The best walk-in tattoos are small, simple, and quick to do. ​ Most artists have prepared flash to choose from. ​ We encourage artists to create tattoos in their style, so please bring inspiration, but be prepared for your artist to design something like your idea in their style. ​ Please know each artist reserves the right to decline any request. TATTOO STYLE Just like artists in any genre, each tattoo artist has a style of their own. ​ We encourage artists to constantly explore, develop, and build on their own style. ​ Each of our artist has their own distinct style. ​ Please take time to review your artist's portfolio before your tattoo. ​ If your preferred artist isn't available for a walk-in, please reach out to them to schedule an appointment. ​ Pricing ​ Each artists set their own pricing. ​ They may charge per piece or by the hour. You might get a price range. ​ Artists vary in terms of style, technique, speed, years of experience, and preferred inventory. These variables and more go into the pricing of your tattoo. ​ The best thing to do, if you are on a budget, is to let your artist know up front what your budget is. ​ Your artist can let you know if your price range is reasonable for them. ​ If your tattoo is out of your budget, you have a few options: ​ You can split a large, expensive tattoo into multiple less expensive sessions (line-work, shading, color) or (piecing concepts little by little). Your artist may able to draw something similar with your budget in mind. You can get something in-budget now, and save up for that out-of-budget tattoo. ​ If an artist gives you a price that is out of your budget, please don't: ​ Haggle Give them a lower quote you got from another shop Tell them you can get it cheaper somewhere else Have an attitude Insult the artist ​ We will ask you to leave. ​ We try really hard to make our prices reasonable. Our livelihood depends on it. But, tattoos can be expensive. Our inventory definitely is, and we spend a lot of time on creating a great product - one that will likely be with you for the rest of your life. We hope you love and value your art as much as we do. ♡ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

  • RISKS | Speakeasy Tattoo

    RISKS OF GETTING A TATTOO When you receive a tattoo, your tattoo artist uses a handheld machine with a single-use needle to puncture the skin. Every time this device makes a hole, it injects ink into the dermis. Although we do our very best to ensure that we maintain a clean workspace and aseptic technique, the process may damage the skin and cause complications such as: Allergic reaction to tattoo dyes, which may develop years later; signs of an allergic reaction include a rash at the tattoo site Skin infection, such as a staph infection or tuberculosis Development of nodules of inflamed tissue called granulomas around the tattoo site Formation of keloids, which are overgrowths of scar tissue Blood-borne diseases, such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, and tetanus; these can be contracted by using contaminated tattoo needles that haven’t been sanitized Interference with future magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests Burning or swelling at the tattoo site Your risk of complications is higher if you have other medical conditions like: Diabetes Allergies, especially if you've ever had a reaction that caused breaking out in red bumps, swelling of the throat, or difficulty breathing Skin disorders, such as eczema or psoriasis Immune Disorders or a weak immune system If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to double check with your primary physician before getting a tattoo.

  • Aftercare | Speakeasy Tattoo

    Hey There Now that you've got a new tattoo, it's time to make sure you're doing everything right to keep it looking fresh and clean. ​ We know that getting a tattoo is an exciting time—we love seeing our clients' reactions when they get their first ink. However, we also know that once the buzz wears off, the real work begins : keeping your skin in tip-top shape so your new ink stays bright and beautiful for as long as possible. That's why we want to equip you with the best instructions for how to care for your new body art. AFTERCARE Our job is to make sure you leave our studio with awesome artwork, but once you leave the doors, it's up to you to make sure it's taken care of! Use the following tips to make sure your art stays clean and bright: TATTOO AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS ​ ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE TOUCHING YOUR TATTOO WHEN YOU GET HOME ​ Remove your wrap within 2-4 hours after getting your tattoo. Do not re-bandage. Your tattoo needs to breathe just like any open wound. FOR 2-4 WEEKS ​ Gently wash your tattoo with anti-bacterial liquid soap. Use only your hands. Gently pat your tattoo dry with a clean paper towel. Rub a thin layer of unscented lotion on your tattoo. Gently pat off any excess lotion with a clean paper towel. Do not use vaseline, petroleum, Neosporin, or anything similar. Repeat this process 3-5 times daily, and more as needed. Wear clean, soft clothing over your tattoo for the first 2 weeks - nothing abrasive or irritating. Your tattoo may peel. This is normal. Do not pick at the skin. ​ THINGS TO AVOID ​ Do not pick, scratch, peel, slap, rub, or irritate your tattoo. You can shower, but you may not soak your tattoo for 2 weeks. NO SWIMMING, BATH, OR HOT TUB. You may not expose your tattoo to the sun for three weeks. After that, You must use sun block to protect your tattoo from fading. Do not wear abrasive materials, jewelry, or shoes that rub against your tattoo. Beware of gym equipment while healing; wash equipment well before using. DO NOT LET ANYONE TOUCH YOUR TATTOO WHILE IT IS HEALING. ​ TO REDUCE SWELLING ​ Ice your tattoo Elevate your tattoo Take short, mild temperature showers SANIDERM AFTERCARE ​ Your first piece of Saniderm should stay on for 8-24 hours, depending on how much the tattoo weeps. It is normal for blood, plasma, and fluids to collect under the bandage. ​ The next day, you may come back during business hours for a replacement Saniderm bandage. This can be worn for 3-5 days. Do not wear any Saniderm for longer than 7 days. ​ If the bandage becomes compromised and part of the tattoo is exposed, no matter how small, remove it and follow standard aftercare instructions. You may come in for a replacement during business hours. ​ ​ HOW TO REMOVE SANIDERM ​ Always wash your hands with your antibacterial soap before, and keep your antibacterial soap and clean paper towels nearby. Using a wet paper towel to lift the edges, very gently pull the bandage back over itself in the direction of hair growth. Avoid pulling upward and never “rip it off like a Band- Aid.” Incorrect removal can result in scarring of the tattoo and/or surrounding areas. We recommend removal in the shower for easier clean-up. Once the Saniderm is removed, follow standard aftercare instructions. ​ FAQs ​ - FLUID IS COMING OUT OF THE BANDAGE. WHAT SHOULD I DO? ​ While weeping inside of the bandage is completely normal, excessive weeping may affect the adhesion of the bandage and allow bacteria and other outside elements under the bandage, especially if it leaks out of the bandage. Simply follow removal instructions. You may come in for a replacement during business hours. ​ - CAN I GET SANIDERM WET? ​ While submerging your tattoo in any body of water (including but not limited to baths, lakes, pools, hot tubs, rivers, or oceans) is extremely dangerous, taking a shower is perfectly okay. Still, it is important to monitor the time you spend in the shower. Prolonged exposure to water, especially when hot and steaming, will weaken the adhesion of the bandage. Do not go swimming with Saniderm ; there is no guarantee it will protect your tattoo from bacteria after prolonged exposure to water or submersion. ​ - WHAT DO I DO IF THERE IS AN AIR BUBBLE UNDER MY SANIDERM? ​ It is important that you keep your tattoo completely sealed. If the air bubble does not extend to the edges of your Saniderm, there is no need to worry. If the bubble does extend to the edges of your tattoo, it is exposing your tattoo to outside bacteria and elements, which can lead to infection. Based on this information, use your judgement to decide if you need to remove the bandage. Feel free to call or send questions and pictures to your artist or our Instagram if you have any doubts. Learn More about Saniderm If you believe your tattoo may be infected, please contact your doctor and then let your artist know. Feel free to send us pictures if you aren't sure.

  • About | Speakeasy Tattoo

    Hello This is your About Page. It's a great opportunity to give a full background on who you are, what you do, and what your website has to offer. Double click on the text box to start editing your content and make sure to add all the relevant details you want to share with site visitors. My Story This is your About page. This space is a great opportunity to give a full background on who you are, what you do and what your site has to offer. Your users are genuinely interested in learning more about you, so don’t be afraid to share personal anecdotes to create a more friendly quality. Every website has a story, and your visitors want to hear yours. This space is a great opportunity to provide any personal details you want to share with your followers. Include interesting anecdotes and facts to keep readers engaged. Double click on the text box to start editing your content and make sure to add all the relevant details you want site visitors to know. If you’re a business, talk about how you started and share your professional journey. Explain your core values, your commitment to customers and how you stand out from the crowd. Add a photo, gallery or video for even more engagement. Contact I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect. 123-456-7890

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